Homeopathy and Spagyric

If an organism is not in balance, energy cannot flow freely, thus causing physical symptoms. The imbalance can be remedied with the help of complex homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies are used to complement and support every conventional therapy.

Dr Hahnemann developed practical homeopathy about 200 years ago. Since then, its multi-faceted nature has become apparent.

As far as the limits of homeopathy are concerned, the following general rule is valid:

Homeopathic remedies do not replace hormones, vaccinations, suppressive therapies or cardiac medication for certain cardiac diseases or vital emergency medications.

However, even in these conditions homeopathic remedies can always be complementary to conventional medicine.


Spagyric is a treatment method of holistic medicine , wchich has roots to pre-Christian Times. Based on old spagyric traditions a new therapeutic and diagnostic system was developed in the 1970ies. It is a holistic system fort he detection of deseases by blood and urine cristalline analysis.


Thanks to crystal-optical evaluation, HIS spagyrics provides highly sensitive information about:

  • Organs and their Functional Condition
  • Pathologic Processes
  • Metabolic Disorders
  • Individual Nutritional Recommendations

HIS spagyric remedies:

  • Homodot – produced from own blood
  • Antihomodot – produced from own urine
  • Allergodot – produced from own blood and is very effective against different  kinds of allergies
  • Anadot – can be produced from herbs, minerals or from cigarettes for the  purpose of smoking cessation.


    HSI spagyrics is used with many diseases, mainly with chronic diseases. Even in case of rare or unclear disease patterns HSI spagyric remedies are worth trying as experience has shown that they are extremely effective.