Therapy of chronic iron deficiency


Iron is one of the most important components of the blood and muscles. There are about 180 functions of the body which require iron, for example production of hormones in the glands or energy production in the cells.

Iron deficiency (iron deficiency syndrome) becomes obvious mainly by a decrease in red blood cells. Consequently, less oxygen can be transported by the blood, meaning that the oxygen-dependent metabolism is impaired. This gives rise to a variety of symptoms.

In which conditions can iron deficiency therapy help?

• exhaustion
• concentration problems
• depression
• sleeping disorders
• migraine
• lack of appetite


Iron deficiency occurs especially often in women, expectant mothers, breastfeeding women, babies and adolescent females. A genetic component of iron deficiency is also known.
Women lose a lot of iron due to menstruation and consequently need to compensate for this loss. The same is true for men who play sports or undertake other physically demanding activities. Allergic patients, as well as elderly patients can also suffer from iron deficiency. Furthermore, acute iron deficiency can be observed after chronic diarrhoea and infections.
Thanks to using bioresonance, TCM and targeted lab tests I am able to offer treatment which focuses on the causes of the illness.


A holistic approach deals with the interconnections between cause and effect, also with respect to nutrition. These therapies help to harmonize the body, mind and spirit.
Advantage of my iron deficiency therapy over standard methods and medication
In compliance with scientific reports, the method used by me takes into consideration not only the aspect of filling empty iron depots, but also stimulation of internal organs and iron metabolism through complementary, orthomolecular treatment, which has a positive impact on iron absorption and the whole metabolism.
The well-being and success rate increase significantly.
Empty iron depots are filled with the help of orthomolecular infusions. Homoeopathic, Chinese and orthomolecular remedies are additionally used.
I take special care of the chronically ill.