I have been your patient since November 2013. Since I was sixteen years old I have been suffering from severe migraines. Family doctors prescribed strong painkillers again and again and sent me to a neurologist. A CT scan was also performed. The results were, thank God, negative. I was supposed to be perfectly healthy. But the headaches stayed with me. So again, strong painkillers. Over those years my intestinal flora had been damaged and I started having digestive problems.

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In 2013 my family doctor, Dr Kälin, and two specialists independently diagnosed me with Parkinson’s disease.

The illness could be kept more or less under control with the help of medication. However, there is the threat of numerous side effects: depression, worsening of the general mental and physical condition, etc.

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I am glad to write a short report on my health condition:

In May 2004 I was diagnosed with Restless Legs Syndrome, after I had virtually not slept for months. I was prescribed 0.125 mg of Sifrol, which helped for some time.

Around 2008 the dose had to be increased to 0.25 mg per night, so that the legs stayed relatively calm. Soon, purple discolouration of the skin appeared on my neck, arms and chest. I also had very dry eyes (watery and burning) and I suffered from severe sleep disorders again. Bowel movement was irregular. I relatively often had ocular migraine with a blurry aura and very low blood pressure. The family doctor was helpless and I refused to take a higher dose of Sifrol.

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After many years of suffering from arthrosis I looked for possible reasons in reports and books. I quickly realised the need to change my diet. In spite of that, I experienced severe symptoms again, newly at the hip joint. Sometimes I had to resort to painkillers. Following a recommendation I searched for help from Dr Clavadetscher.

On the basis of a blood test, several points requiring treatment were discovered. Various nature-based therapies soon showed their effects. I found it exciting to observe Dr Clavadetscher’s broad professional knowledge and varied methods. It was interesting to become more aware of the signals and reactions of the body.

After a few weeks, with some personal responsibility in my everyday life, I was free from pain. Today my general condition is very good. My heartfelt thanks to Dr Clavadetscher.


After 50 years of working as a nurse within traditional medicine, I was curious to learn about other therapies. So I was happy about the arrival of Dr. Clavadetscher 16 years ago, especially as I had been suffering from numerous flu infections the year before.

The first thing I noticed was that Dr. Clavadetscher takes a lot more time with her patients than it is common. She listens carefully to them and uses her findings about the whole personality of the patient in the therapy. She is well-qualified to do that, since she regularly attends courses and seminars.

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